(And a few substitutions)

Radiator Cap


21430-14603  -- Nissan Dealer Item

Gas Cap Stant 11742
Suzuki GT750 ("Water Buffalo") P/N 44200-23810

Differential Cover Gasket


Subs to 38320-B3002 - Available from Nissan

High Top Windshield Glass

Aftermarket Source

72613-25900 May be dealer available Check condition BEFORE leaving the dealership

Prosource Glass International
fax 978-975-5300

Front Wheel Bearings


KOYO:   30206JR
Timken: 30206M   9/KM1

Front Wheel Bearings
Federal Mogul:  BCA30204
Timken:              30204M    9/KM1
Front Wheel Bearing Seals 40232-16500 - Available from Nissan

Carburetor Insulators
Rubber / Resin


16174-14600  - Nissan Dealer Item

Clutch Release Bearing



Clutch Pilot Bearing



Clutch Hose Car Quest - SP6264 - Perfect Fit reported
Car Quest - SP7000 has been reported to work without problems
Clutch Master Cylinder
(67.5 - 70)
BECK/ARNLEY Part # 072-6521
Clutch Slave Cylinder Beck-Arnley 072-1241
Raybestos #SC37213

Radiator Hose 2L


21503-25900 - Nissan Dealer Item

Radiator Hose 2L   1501-25601
1600 Lower Radiator Hose   B1503-A3303 - Nissan Dealer Item

Write up by Roy Haslett:

Walt Peterson suggested an alternative where you can get both upper and lower hoses
out of one hose. I have tried it and happy to report it worked very well. 

The hose is a Gates 21162 lower molded hose, 1-1/4" ID. This hose has a sharp bend on one end that attaches to the the water pump . The opposite end has a gentle bend which will become the upper hose. Measuring from the gentle bend end, measure 9" up on the OUTSIDE curve of bend, cut the hose square and clean (I used a simple razor knife). This cut off end is now your new upper hose.

Install the now shorter lower hose at the radiator end first, do not tighten the clamp yet. Install the other sharp curved end onto the water pump, again do not clamp down yet. Now look down and check that you have clearance from the fan belt and pulley. If the hose is touching or too close for comfort all you need to do is reach down and give the hose a little twist on the bottom end to the right to create more space. That should do it. Now tighten those clamps. The upper hose installs simply. It will go on either way, but try both because one way fits better.

2000 Lower Radiator Hose Gates 20783 - May require some trimming
Motor Mounts - (Insulators)   11223-32200 - Nissan Dealer Item
U20 Oil Pump Nissan Part # 17010-25913
Distributor Oil Line Adapter - Screws into U20 block   Nissan Part # 22954 25500
Oil Filters - 1600   Fram - PH3639
Purolator - L30042
STP - S2870A - Slightly shorter filter

Wix - 51512 -  With Anti-Drain back valve
Wix - 51300 - Cartridge Type
Oil Filters - 2000   Fram - PH3639
Purolator - L30042
STP - S2870A - Slightly shorter filter

Wix 51361 -  With Anti-Drainback Valve. This is the filter listed in the Wix catalog.  It has the wrong threads.  

I use a Wix 51512 filter with no problems.  This filter also has an anti-drainback valve.

Fuel Filters   Fram - G3359
Purolator - F20005
Wix - 33032

Master Cylinder Copper Crush Washers


46036-30100 - Dealer Available

Late Model Steering Gear Shims   48029-71200  762mm, the thickest
48030-71200  .254mm
48031-71200  127mm - Factory Installed
48032-71200  050mm, very thin
U20 Header/Manifold Gasket   14035-25501 - Dealer Available
U20 Head Bolts - Improved   99996-U20HB - Dealer Available through their Motor Sports Department
U20 Intake Valves   13201-25500 - Nissan Dealer Item
U20 Exhaust Valves   13202-25500 - Nissan Dealer Item
Rear Brake Slave Cylinders 44100-25500  -- Nissan Dealer Item
Front Brake Flex Hose 46201-25910 - See Tech Note for subs
Rear Brake Flex Hose 46201-A3211 - See Tech Note for subs
Brake Light Switch NAPA
    ECHLIN Part# ECHSL156
Advanced Auto Parts
    GP Sorensen Part# 375005
Organic Brake Pads Beck/Arnley P/N 0820225
Competition springs - Front
2nd generation NISMO springs
Cowl Drain Hose AutoZone - Label: 224
Part Number: o 37256 00220 5
A tight fit, but reported to work
R16 Camshaft 13001-12900
Changed to the new number 13001-71200
Voltage Regulator Electronic voltage regulators sold aftermarket for roadsters, 510's, and 240Z's will all fit and eliminate the mechanical contact problems of the original regulator.  Make sure the car wiring contacts are clean and solid.  Use of a contact sealing grease helps keeps things clean inside of the connector.
Wiper Blades
Complete Blade Assy. Only.  No Wiper Arm.
ANCO - Aerovantage Blade # 91-13
ANCO - Standard Wiper Blade #: 31-13
GRANT STEERING WHEEL ADAPTOR GRT-4581   $19.95 (3/14/07)
Fits Grant Challenger Series Steering Wheels.
Tranny Breather Cap Part # 38322-N0100 - Nissan Dealer Item
Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit The rebuild kit for a Nissan "L" Series engine should work for a roadster fuel pump. 
Rear Brake Slave Cylinders Check NAPA for these parts.
1600 Right Angle Speedo Pin NAPA has them - Balkamp BK 6151831