Mt. Shasta Roadster Meet - July 12/13, 2002

This was my first visit to the Mt. Shasta meet.  It will not be my last.  Next time my car should be there too.

It was very nice to see what others have done with their cars, how much love and attention has been showered on the cars, and to be able to talk to the car owners to learn some of the little things that will save me much anguish at a later time.  Now that I am home I wish I had taken many more pictures.  These cars were simply spectacular. 

If you want full size images, or your car to be identified, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to make changes or send you a picture.

The Coast

The goal of The Coast is simple.  From a starting position rev the engine and let the clutch out to move forward.  Next decide when to press the clutch in and put the car in neutral and coast forward until a pointer attached to the bumper of your car coasts to a stop.  No brakes allowed.  Hopefully you will be over a small circle, and the pointer will be over an X in the center of the circle.  As seen in the photographs below some degree of ingenuity is allowed... Maybe even helpful.

A Little
Never Hurts

And the winner is...


67 Factory Hardtop