RIGHT click the link and choose your save folder

This is a very good screensaver - Download size 14.4 MB

If you have a screensaver you would like to share, let me know and I would be happy to post it here.

An Important Note About Screensavers, Themes, and Games

Raul's screensaver is free to download and use.   More importantly,  it is free of Virus, Worm, and Trojan files.  It is safe to download, install, and enjoy.

This is not so true for many of these types of files found on the web, or in your e-mail.  Tom Peterson, a local Portland furnishing and home electronics retailer, and local advertising legend claims "FREE IS A VERY GOOD PRICE".  For things you buy in the store this may be a very true proclamation. 

FOR SCREENSAVERS, THEMES, and GAMES free is a very dangerous term and should be avoided at every opportunity.  We just took 73 infections out of one PC.  Most came from screensavers and games that were downloaded for "free".