Datsun / Nissan Emblem Collection



Dear Datsun / Nissan enthusiast,


Please let me introduce myself, my name is Marcus Veenhuis and I’m from The Netherlands, I love beautifull cars ever since I can remember, I am 42 years old and happy married for many years, I'm the proud father of our thirteen years old son Devon, who loves nice cars too.
Because I've got scolioses combined with arthritis I am handicapped,       

this is why I have been started to collect car emblems about 6 years ago, it's a nice hobby and I enjoy it very much.

My brother in law made a web-side for me, if you like you can take a look at it on:
if you click on "pictures", you can see more than 120 photo’s I made of my collection, my collection contains more than 5000 emblems and nameplates from 341 different car marques at this moment, but I haven´t got a Skyline, Fairlady or Prince badge.                    
Maybe you've got a spare or damaged Prince, Skyline or Fairlady badge left somewere, that would be nice, I will appreciate that very much.


Hope you can help me, I will be very honored if you can send me an emblem for my emblems collection, maybe it is possible to print my request in your club magazine, that would be nice.

Thank you for reading my letter, I enclosed a picture taken from my ´Datsun - Nissan wall`.


Kind regards, with respect,


Marcus Veenhuis
Boomgaard 10
7021 KZ  Velswijk - Zelhem
Holland  /  The Netherlands