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Left Front Fender Mount Body Rust Continued

The pictures below show the fender mount box after I have removed the rusted metal and pretty much made the box ready for the new metal.  

As you can see I have cut away the bad metal and left a fairly even edge to mate new metal to.  I have measured the location of the captive nuts for mounting the fender on the left side.  It is my assumption that the measurements for the right side will be the same, but I will check that before I remove the metal over there.  

Click here to download the captive nut location drawing.  To save this drawing, RIGHT CLICK on the link and choose your SAVE AS option.  

The straight line at the top of the drawing is the seam between the side of the body and the floor pan.  The slight angle on the lower left of the drawing is the minor offset on the rocker panel just behind the rear of the front fender.  The measurements are taken from the front edge of this elevation change.