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Left Front Fender Mount Body Rust

I have now removed the fender and cleaned up the surface rust on the leading edge of the left rocker panel.  I used an angle grinder with a wire wheel to remove all of the surface corrosion and other stuff.  Here are some before and after pictures.

I plan to cut out all of the rusted area and replace the damaged metal with new metal taken from my parts car body.  While I have the rocker panel open I will spray the interior with Waxoil to stop any currently developing rust, and to prevent rust buildup in the future.  After all welding is complete I will find a way to insert more Waxoil into the forward portion of the rocker panel and coat the exterior with POR-15.

Here are a couple pictures showing how dirt builds up under the fender near the cowl.  The rusted area was only light surface rust and cleaned up nicely.