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68 Datsun Parts Car

SRL311-04597 sitting in my friends yard waiting for disassembly.  The front tire is not fastened to a lower A arm and is upright by accident only.  The rear wheel is from my 69 2000.

If you are going to put a 33 year old car back on the road you need a supply of spare parts.  The best answer to that need is a parts car.  Mine showed up on eBay with front suspension damage and no title.  It was located in Oakland, California, about 13 hours South of Portland. 

I had misgivings about taking one of these cars apart, but when my daughter and I arrived to pick up the car we found that much of the rear body was solid bondo and the headlight rings could not be properly mounted because of the bondo in the front fenders. Much more was to be revealed as the car was disassembled.  This car was last licensed in 1990

After we took the body we tried to turn the engine and found it to be very free.  I am preparing to install this engine into my 69 over the next week or so.

SRL311-04597 setting on the trailer in Oakland

Parts stored in my back yard.  The front half has horrible rust around the right foot area and floorboard.  In fact the interior surfaces were formed with hard towels.  The inner fenders are good and the battery area is perfect.  I hope to sell this part to someone who needs it.

The rear half includes a roll bar that was welded to the shelf behind the seats.  Rust has formed under the roll bar mounting pads and the bar has no solid metal holding it in place.  DON'T weld your bar in this way. 

The frame still has the third member and left front suspension in place.  These will be removed and stored soon.  The right front suspension is not all there and parts that are are damaged.  There is some rust at about the point of the back of the engine block, but not a big problem.  I will be offering this frame for sale once I have removed the parts I want to keep.

From this car I will be using the windshield, the excellent top bow assembly, the engine and transmission, and other miscellaneous parts as I need them.  The radio mounting has already been butchered for a tape radio.  I will shop around and see if I can put a newer radio that is large enough to expand the bad metal work and install the console in my car, keeping the stock radio and console intact.  The rust in the floor pans was so bad the seats were more torn out than removed. I will take all 4 seats to my upholstery shop and let them determine which is best to restore.

The U20 engine from the parts car is now being removed from the back of my pickup and readied to hang on an engine stand.  I will check it over closely before I replace the engine in my 69 2000.  Unfortunately the engine in my car spun a bearing when I first started it after 15 years of storage.

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