Bringing SRL311-12401 Home

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At last I was able to go get my new car.  I left Portland on April 20th, 2002 and drove to a popular truck stop in Buttonwillow, California, where I spent the first night.  The next morning I drove the 150 miles into LA and met the seller to complete the eBay transaction and start home with my new car.

I found just about what I expected and we loaded the little Datsun onto a dolly for the trip home.  In spite of 15 years of storage the wheel bearings felt good and there were no problems during the 1,000 mile drive home.  

The tire in this photo was a front tire on the road during the trip home.  It traveled 1,000 miles without problems and then exploded in the sunshine after the wheel and tire were removed from the car.

Exploding Tire

If I were to do this again, and I just did with number 4, I would recommend a trailer for a more comfortable feeling about how the car is riding.  Pulling number 4, my parts car, home on a trailer was much more comforting than using a dolly as I did here.

After arriving at home I was able to study the car more closely.  I found that the light rust on the front fenders goes completely through the fender and will require new panel fills and it is obvious that there will be some rust work required behind the left wheel opening.  In time I found rust at the top of the rear wheel opening too.

The brakes were completely shot as far as the rubber pieces were concerned.  I am working on rebuilding the hydraulics in both the brakes and clutch at this time.  My parts car seems to still have functioning brakes after 12 years of storage and I may swap out some of the components if they are in much better condition.  

While working on the brakes I lubricated the engine cylinders and installed a new battery to try the starter.  It just went THUNK.  Nothing more.  I am sure it is just corrosion on the contacts and possibly the armature.  Not much of a problem to correct, but a nasty job I am told.  If I get to the starter on the parts car first I will recondition that starter and just change starters in one session.

While I am completing the brakes and starter motor I am continuing to squirt Mouse Oil into the engine cylinders and valve train.  This stuff is incredible for penetrating rusted areas and the friend who turned me onto Mouse Oil has freed frozen engines with this stuff.  My engines are not frozen, but they will get careful attention before I actually turn them over and try to build oil pressure or start them.