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Tackling the Right Front Fender Mount

Creating a patch for the right side was similar to creating the patch for the left side.  This time I planned to braze the patch instead of trying to stick weld it the way I did on the left side.  I hoped brazing would be easier, and it was much easier once I learned to manage heat and the movement of air from the welding tip.

The right side rust damage is more extensive than it was on the left side. The rusted area was a little higher, meaning that the patch would not be fully square.  A tab would be needed to cover the shape of the cutout after all bad metal was removed.  There was also more rust on surfaces just below the hood.  These areas are still solid and the rust will be no problem because I caught it early.  This is a good reason to clean the upper areas under the fenders in order to remove the buildup of dirt in these areas.  The dirt holds moisture, which causes rust if the undercoat or other rust preventative fails.

As on the left side I started with a rectangular piece of metal cut out from a damaged hood I collected to salvage metal from.  I ground the metal panel until it fit the cutout in the car and would be wider than the cutout as I bent the panel to fit the curves of the car.  Wherever possible I used a flanging tool to recess the edge of the metal on the car and formed the new metal over the flanged surface.  

I brazed that panel to the bottom of the cutout area and then started heating the metal to bend it into shape, weld welding an inch or two of the new metal and forming again.  I would grind the sides of the new metal to fit the hole or flanged area, weld, heat and bend, and so on until I had the new metal filling the cutout area.  

Once the bottom and sides were welded in place I trimmed the patch to fit the irregular cutout at the top of the fill.  Then I heated the patch until it was red and hammered it into shape before I completed the brazing. 

 As on the left side I cleaned up the inner fender and coated the inner fender with POR-15 to prevent further deterioration.  After the POR-15 set up I installed the new fender to match the fender installed on the left side.