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Tackling the Right Front Fender Mount

The rust on the right side lower fender mount is worse than the left in some ways.  The captive nuts stayed in the metal when the bolts were removed, but when I cleaned up the rust with the wire wheel the metal broke into a large hole.  The rust is also higher up on the rocker panel box, and a little farther back too.

This time I am not going to stick-weld the new patch.  I spent entirely too much time chasing holes that blew through the metal, even at 30 Amps of current using 1/16" rod.  Enough of that was enough.  I am going to braze the replacement metal into the right side.  That should go much faster, and produce a better looking result.

Notice the amount of dirt that collects on the top of the surfaces under the fender.  Even though both sides had a large collection of dirt, these areas on the right side had more surface rust than I found on the left side.   This rust is not a problem now, but something that needed to be addressed.  You are looking at a very good reason to take things apart, clean them up, and coat the surfaces with POR-15 or comparable rust killing product.