Embroidery Stitch Files

The embroidery machine instruction files downloadable from this web page are intended for personal use.  If you are interested in using them for larger production runs please contact Fran's Fancies and Nissan for authorization.

These stitch files in several machine file formats.  Some (DST or EXP) are intended for professional embroidery machines.  Other files are intended for Pfaff or Brother home machines.  Along with the more standard embroidery file types I am including the original source program files.  

I am not able to generate files for other brands of home machines.  If you are able to convert one of these files for use on your brand of home machine, please e-mail the file to me, along with the machine type, and I will add that machine format to this page.

For some files the original Compucon EOS Professional 2 software design files are included.  If your embroider uses Compucon software they will be able to modify these designs in almost any manner you desire.  There are limits on size adjustment, but because I use the top level of Compucon software, even the lowest editing version available will be able to make any modification I can.  Most digitizers will not provide these files to their customers because of the flexibility the files offer.  I have no problem providing the source files if it helps you get things done your way.

Downloading Files

All files are included in a single ZIP file.  A zip file is used because most web hosting sites have problems downloading these files in a usable form. 

After downloading the ZIP file open it with WinZip or other unpacking program and save the files to a folder where you can find these files.  Give a disk with these files to your embroider and they should be able to take the file of their choice for use with their embroidery machine.

An alternate software program for unpacking ZIP files is Ultimate ZIP.  This is listed as freeware.  There is a donation link on their page.  I would encourage you to send them a few bucks if you choose to keep and use their software.

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