Datsun 1600 Sleeve Design


All Datsun related embroidery files posted on the Fran's' Fancies web sites are available for free download for all Datsun roadster owners.  These designs are not for commercial use.  If you want to provide large numbers of these designs on garments you will need to contact Fran's Fancies and Nissan for permission to produce these designs for other than personal use.

This design was designed to be sewn down the outside of either sleeve.

The following machine file formats are included in the download file:

Tajima - DST
Melco - EXP
Brother - KSM
Compucon EOS design embroidery software REF

Design Information

Design Height: 123 mm (4.8")
Design Width: 45 mm (1.77")
Stitches: 3600

This design was not designed for low stitch count, as usually preferred by commercial embroiderers.  It was designed for good looks.  That means there are more underlay stitches under the top stitches.  This provides lift and body to the top stitches, producing a better looking design.


2002, Fran's Fancies

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